Toolkit for Being the Change

No one can tell you how to be a changemaker,
but we can learn from each other.

Indicorps was a process-driven, immersive volunteer program for diaspora to connect to self and community through service. With 14+ fellowship classes and hundreds of volunteer staff, interns and fellows in an intentionally-curated structure, we learned a great deal about service journeys. This toolkit is a collective offering of that learning. We share our diverse experiences through an exploration of why to serve; insights from the field; a changemaker toolkit with reflective exercises and tips that support personal growth; and a few post-field musings. We hope this guides you in deepening your journey as you strive towards meaningful impact. This toolkit is open-source, so please engage, experiment and make it your own. And as you share it with others committed to Being the Change, be sure to circle back and add your voice to this collective platform.