Get Involved

Indicorps is constantly looking for ways to reach out to engage young Indians around the world with the possibilities of partipating in India's progress in a refreshingly new way. Our success depends on the voluntary support of people like you.

Wherever you are, and whenever you are in a crowd or community of people who have a relationship with India, simply letting people know that opportunities to serve India exist could lead to young people dedicating time to the progress of India's people. 

If you are interested in taking a more active role with Indicorps outreach, please send us an email at outreach@indicorps.org and we'd be more than happy to coordinate with you.

Here are a few ways to become involved with Indicorps outreach.

Add us to your signature:  Include the following in your email signature or gchat status while the Fellowship application is live!

A Call to Action:  Seeking driven, passionate leaders of Indian origin to work on high-impact grassroots service projects in communities across India.  Know someone?  http://www.indicorps.org/

"One year is a long time? By some measures it is. But it is only 1.5 percent of your life. And if it is to serve as an inflection point for the remaining 98.5 percent, then I think it's a chance you have to be willing to take." – Rish Sanghvi (Indicorps Fellow 2002) 

Utilize social media:  Post a status, link or video on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc. encouraging people to spread the word about Indicorps and apply to the Fellowship.

Change your profile picture:  Swap your current profile photo on social media outlets to an Indicorps inspired one.  See our resources section for images.

Get friends and family involved: Have a conversation with parents, children, extended family and friends to see if they can think of young people of Indian origin from cultural organizations, religious communities, work, friend circles, etc. who might be interested in challenging themselves and committing to a year of service.

Put up a flier:  If you know a public place at a cultural organization, place of worship, college campus etc where an Indicorps flier could be posted, send us an email at outreach@indicorps.org.

Hold a chai chat:  Inspired by SAALT “Chai chats” (http://saalt.org/), invite a group of people to a restaurant, your home, or a coffee shop for a targeted discussion.

Reach out to the worldwide Indian diaspora:  Connect with your contacts engaged in the Indian diaspora community in other countries and encourage them to take on the cause and spread the word about Indicorps.

Tap one person:  Come up with one person who may be a potential candidate.  Give them a call and inspire them to apply.

Connect through service: Organize a community service event and use the event as a platform to discuss service.  See if you can get a list of people that you can email about the Fellowship.

Reach out to a mentor:  Most of us have past employers or professors or other individuals that have been instrumental in supporting us.  Reach out to say hello, check-in and see if they know anyone who might be interested or could spread the word about Indicorps.

Organize an Indicorps information session: Do you know an organization that would be interested in hosting an Indicorps information sesson with one of our alumni.  Send us an email at outreach@indicorps.org to coordinate the event.

Hold a book discussion around Journeys in Service:  Download a free copy of Journeys in Service here and use it to start a discussion on how you can create positive social change in your community and push yourself to be the change you wish to see in this world.