What people are saying

Harris Wofford
Former US Senator and CEO of the Corporation for National and Community Service

“In this short and inspiring book, the story of the founding of Indicorps and the stories of the experience of some of the first Indicorps Fellows come alive. They add a new chapter to the long history of the crisscrossing of the globe between America and India — between the land that became the modern world’s first democracy and the subcontinent that contained one of the world’s oldest societies that is now the most populous democracy. Those journeys have involved the movement of ideas as well as people, and the Indicorps experience involves both, in a unique new form.”

Kehaulani Lum
Manager, Waiehu Land LLC, Native Hawaiian Community Advocate

"Journeys in Service is a touching tribute to the transformation that occurs when love and compassion are put into action.  Connecting hearts and hands across oceans, cultures and generations, it speaks the magic of focused attention on service to others.   These cherished leaders are powerful models for all diasporic people yearning to reconnect with their ancestral homelands.   I can easily imagine the day when all of humanity will be touched by this valuable practice of peaceful change."

Rakesh Pandey
Senior Manager, Shramik Bharti

Journeys in Service is a compilation of transformational journey of ordinary youth becoming extraordinary leaders. It is extremely motivating and inspiring.  We at Shramik Bharti have been grateful to partner with Indicorps on several projects, one of which is described in Journeys.  We can vouch for both Indicorps as an organization and the fellows' deep personal reflection process in service. We are also proud to share that the Waqt Ki Awaaz project mentioned in Journeys has become a full-fledged community radio station… The work continues…”

Nithya Krishnan
Indicorps Fellow August 2009, Case Manager, AIDS Service Center NYC

“In a fast-paced environment like New York it’s easy to lose the lessons learned in India where you spent time constantly and consciously reflecting. Journeys in Service really tugs at the memory of India, not India the country, but the Fellowship experience, and from that comes a renewal of energy. I draw inspiration from this book because it’s not my experience memorialized but others, which takes me back to a place of humility. Coming from a place of humility really infuses hope, and it’s easy to let go of that hope when things are moving so fast around you.”

Kenya Danielle
Playwright & Producer for KDF Productions

“As an individual, Journeys in Service introduced me to Indicorps as a whole – its’ mission, values, and action-oriented existence. As an artist many of the stories spoke to me. How Indicorps Fellows joined hands with women to collectively find self expression and culture was phenomenal. The book captures self-expression for the people, by the people.

As an activist and advocate for human rights and civil rights, as someone who has engaged at the grassroots level, this book inspires me to take action.  What was possibly most striking was not only how the year of service impacted the communities involved, but also the individual fellows. And I think about how living such a lifestyle could enrich me as an individual. What more can you ask from such an experience?
With Journeys in Service, I feel as if I came in with nothing, but left with everything.”

Nicholas Alan Brown
Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, Kostopil, Ukraine, 2006-2008

"This book reverberates across the 50 years and 190,000 former volunteers of the United States Peace Corps. In the long dusty walks, the countless cups of tea, and the unwavering call to global civic action, I see much here that is familiar. Journeys reminds us that it's not where you are from, but what you are about that matters; service is not just for the soul, but is the conscience of the Global Classroom."

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Journeys in Service is available in both PDF and printed copies.  We hope that the book inspires action, provokes thought and encourages reflection around community-based development, service and learning.

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