August 2008 batch

Abirami Natarajan
Tribal Health Workers Training (Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu)

Abirami Natarajan graduated from Duke University in May 2008, completing a program exploring Global Health issues from many disciplines. While studying, she volunteered with the Health Inequities Program, spending time with patients triply diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, substance abuse, and mental illness, in addition to conducting research in an immunology research laboratory exploring the basis of disease. As an August 2008 fellow, Abirami partnered with the Association for Health Welfare in the Nilgris (ASHWINI) to train local health workers to provide direct healthcare to tribal communities. Abirami is interested in exploring access to healthcare of marginalized individuals in her new community from the grassroots level. Having spent nearly every summer in India since childhood on her grandparents farm, Abi was excited about this new adventure that brought her even closer to understanding India.