August 2006 batch

Alvir Sadhwani
Community Resource Mapping (Udaipur, Rajasthan)

Born in Singapore and raised in Los Angeles, Alvir Sadhwani first developed an interest in India when his family moved to Calcutta for a year at the age of eight. Since then, he has taken every opportunity available to spend time in India whether the purpose were to visit family, volunteer, study abroad or travel with friends. Alvir has an obsession with traveling. One of his fondest memories is drawn from an exchange program in Delhi. Every week he had the luxury of opening a map of India, selecting a place, and with no plan in mind he would head out with his tattered, yet trusty backpack. When he actually was in Delhi, Alvir could be found volunteering as English teacher for underprivileged youth. He drew inspiration from one of his students, who despite dire circumstances, had a drive to voluntarily teach younger children in his community. Alvir graduated with a bachelor’s degree in International Studies from U.C San Diego, and plans to law school after the fellowship.