August 2004 batch

Ankur Shukla
Youth Empowerment through Entrepreneurship (Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh)

As a 2004-2005 Indicorps fellow, Ankur journeyed from his desert home of Reno, Nevada to the city of Kanpur, U.P. Working with the NGO Shramik Bharati on a project for Youth Empowerment through Entrepreneurship, Ankur worked to enable the youth to pursue their ambitions. Ankur has helped run his family's business throughout his life, and spent his year endowing his 16-to-20 year old students with the skills, resources, confidence and determination to augment their lives through their own independent business ventures. Always confident and determined, Ankur also learned about the challenges and lifestyles of Dalits in his community through extra volunteer work. Ankur graduated from the University of Nevada at Reno in 2004, where political science courses provided the necessary masala to his steady diet of biochemistry. As for his future plans, Ankur defers to Herman Hesse: “The true profession of the man is to find his way in life.”